Planting the Seeds: The Emergence of Kapok Marketing

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey isn’t an easy call, especially when leaving behind a secure job with a fantastic employer and supportive colleagues. But when the entrepreneurial itch strikes, it’s hard to ignore.

Your future becomes tied to this new opportunity, and the rest just plays itself out. That is how Kapok Marketing sprouted, a tale echoed by numerous startups worldwide.

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Why I Went Back to School: A Professional’s Reflection

In 2006, as I proudly held my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, I had every intention of turning my back on college life. I was primed and ready to plunge into the world of business.

Fast-forwarding six years into a fulfilling tenure with a thriving company, I find myself poised to reenter academia. As I prepare to embark on this journey, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on the experiences that brought me to this crossroads.

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